A Brief Look At Employment Law

Witness Gathering. Whether your case is a civil, criminal or family law case, it is likely that your side of the case will be strengthened if you have witnesses who are willing to testify on your behalf. Eyewitness testimony is highly favored in court. In certain cases, witnesses who can attest to facts that you have asserted are also important. You may be tempted to talk to potential witnesses early on to discuss the facts of your case. DON’T! You must avoid any appearance of impropriety. What you can do is ask the witness if he is willing to convey whatever he knows about you or the case to your attorney. Gather witness phone numbers, addresses and other contact information so that your attorney or her staff can interview your potential witness.

Their past cases. Find out if the lawyer has handled cases like yours. Sometimes, proof in DUI cases are so incriminating, that a best thing the lawyer can do is to plead to a lower charge. It does not mean that if your lawyer has not won many cases, he is no good, check and see how many cases did he get the charges and sentencing reduced? Find out how the charges were reduced and this would also tell you how the lawyer thinks and how well they know their stuff.

A public defender is an actual attorney that is employed by the government to represent the accused who can’t afford their own attorney. So don’t automatically assume that you’re going to get a dud when you’re assigned to a public defender. However, you must understand that most courts have an influx of cases on a regular basis. That means one public defender might have several cases going on at one time. That means he or she has the potential to be stretched too thin or things about your case could be forgotten. So that’s something to think about if you are thinking about accepting the public defender for your counsel in your DUI case.

The next item that should be considered is the personal connection between you and the attorney. Dealing with an attorney is going to be stressful because of the nature of the relationship. Obviously, the event that has lead you to this point can be very nerve wracking. Therefore, it’s very important that you find someone you can connect with. You need to be able to confide in them and not be afraid to ask questions. Without that personal connection, you will find yourself stumbling through this ordeal.

You may feel comfortable enough at your first appointment to make a decision. Use your intuition once again. You will probably know when you have found the right match.

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The chemistry is right. When all is said and done, your gut feeling is perhaps more important than anything else. Even if someone seems perfect on paper, if the two of you don’t get along and you feel uncomfortable asking questions, obviously this isn’t the right lawyer for you.

You want an adoption attorney capable of actually helping you on a weekly if not daily basis. While you may communicate well, and can afford his/her fee, if the attorney has a big load of cases, it may delay the help you get.

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